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Right from the start, President Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial and divisive politicians in modern history. Some people see him as a very successful businessman and powerful leader.

Top 4 Problems for Cooling Tower Maintenance

Others focus on his publicized faults and verified lies. Trump has had many successes in the real estate and entertainment fields, including creating and contributing to such structures as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Trump Tower, Wollman Rink, and Trump Place. On the entertainment side, just about everyone in the U. Trump University and Trump Vodka are just some of the flops that have the renowned Trump name attached to them.

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And while these minor Trump business failures only left a dent in his success record, his most notable failure with Trump Casinos nearly bankrupted Atlantic City. The issues with Trump University quickly became apparent, though. Eastern Air Shuttle had been running those flights for 27 years prior to being bought out by Trump.

List of structural failures and collapses

But very few people could afford the new ticket prices. After four years of losing money and being crippled by a high debt load, the airline folded in It took Trump just three years to destroy a business that had operated for nearly three decades prior to his stewardship. Trump magazine folded in Trump Steaks barely made any sales.

Believe it or not, Trump tried his hand at selling frozen steaks and burgers to the American populace in Ridings as chief executive of the company. Later, it was reported that Ridings had greatly exaggerated his resume, and lacked the leadership skills to keep the company afloat.

Bythe business entity had filed for bankruptcy for the fourth time. After four bites of the apple, the casinos were sold piecemeal. The defaulted loans, loss of employment, and elimination of tax revenue nearly destroyed the local economy.

Did you know that Trump had his own line of board games? Twice he has tried to launch a game company. The first attempt was in when he tried to copy Monopoly in the eponymous Trump: the Game. The game was released again in following the success of the TV show The Apprenticebut it flopped for the second time. Lastly, there was GoTrump.

The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and his Tower

The site failed within a year. Could it be that no one wanted to go anywhere with Trump?Though foundation damage is fairly common in homes and buildings in North Texas, rarely does it ever gain national or international attention.

However, there are many cases of extreme foundation failures that warrant some wonder and awe. Here are three spectacular examples of foundation failures in recent and not-so-recent history. Ocean Tower was originally designed to be a story building which housed high-end condominiums.

The expansive soil beneath the tower began to compact, causing the building to sink and lean. Construction ceased and the building had to be demolished in On October 18,the building began to settle as grain was moved indoors. In the first hour after unloading, the building sank one foot into the ground.

By the next day, the building was tilted an entire 27 degrees to the west. Researchers found that the foundation was extremely unstable because it was constructed on stratified clay, which contained layers of silt salt throughout the layers of clay. When construction began on the Tower of Pisa years ago, workers immediately ran into soil-related foundation issues.

Attempts to compensate for poor soil quality failed numerous times. Today, the tower continues to its downward descent but at a much slower pace due to foundation repair.

Visit us online or call today. Extreme Example of Foundation Failure. Three Spectacular Examples of Foundation Failures Though foundation damage is fairly common in homes and buildings in North Texas, rarely does it ever gain national or international attention. Lets Get Started with the repairs.Quarter million dollar guy wire change-out could result in multi million dollar judgment January 16, - Structural Systems, Inc. One crew member received minor injuries when he was reportedly struck by a flailing guy wire, but he refused medical treatment.

After the collapse, the Little Rock station was able to establish a feed to restore its signal to the portion of its audience that obtains programming by satellite and cable. Although logistical problems for rebuilding seemed overwhelming at times, station officials are beaming over their new tower and state of the art broadcast facility that is replacing the year-old outdated corrugated roof building they were operating out of in Redfield.

They expect the new facility to be operational in early February. Pictures at right courtesy KATV. The insurer is now suing SST, citing multiple counts of negligence, breach of contract and fraud.

tower failures

Jurors may not see overwhelming evidence OneBeacon America's Dallas and Little Rock trial lawyers might have to rely upon the dynamics of persuasion, in addition to explaining engineering dynamics. The jury trial request was filed December 22 in the U. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas. The court case might also serve as a primer for writing proper contracts and understanding general liability insurance coverage, which may not cover SST should they lose. DuringSST performed an engineering evaluation of the KATV tower and made recommendations, which included replacing top guy cables at levels 8 and 9 of the 9-foot face Dresser Industries structure.

Kaveh Mehrnama, P. A representative of KATV said that structural improvements and new equipment were added to the tower throughout the past years since it was built in Breach of contract alleged The complaint alleges, among other charges, that SST breached its contract for failing to provide engineering oversight of its guy cable replacement services and safely supervise its workers.

According to Mehrnama, who has years of experience with SST and has developed a specialized computer structural analysis program for guyed towers, the company's President, Fred W. Purdy, is a civil and structural engineer with over 40 years of experience and was on the site viewing the structure with a transit when the tower collapsed.

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KATV did not provide any specifications for insurance coverage requirements, but relied upon what SST offered in their mostly boiler plate proposal. Builders risk insurance or an installation floater form cover losses that occur during the construction phase of projects, Shea said. For some reason, broadcasters have overlooked these requirements both in this situation and others over the past few years.

tower failures

In this case, the lack of a contract and the apparent lack of proper insurance makes a catastrophic loss much worse and more expensive with litigation and reputation and the time it will take to settle the claim," Shea said. Technology, Inc. SST's insurance carrier denied coverage, which placed the station at risk for having a large part of its business interruption damages uninsured. The owner was named in the suit and argued in favor of coverage.

The court found coverage to exist. The tower collapsed due to defects in prefabricated hog rods. SST argued that the manufacturer and supplier of the rod was a subcontractor so as to fall within the exception to the "your work" exclusion of its CGL policy.

tower failures

The court reviewed the contract between the insured and the supplier, which required it to provide, fabricate, galvanize, and deliver to the site all materials per certain design and manufacturing specifications.Cooling tower maintenance forms a fundamental part of managing any HVAC system.

When well maintained, a properly designed system will provide a comfortable indoor environment for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, all year around.

Despite having an integral role in any well-functioning HVAC system, cooling towers can often end up neglected.

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In part, due to their situation on roofs making them difficult to maintain and repair. Unlike their large concrete counterparts at power stations, these smaller cooling towers are constructed from galvanized steel and over time, can suffer from a variety of problems relating to corrosion and chemical attack.

The combination of air, water, chemicals and heat can generate a severely corrosive environment, where some cooling tower components are more susceptible to damage than others. Therefore, what are the common problems associated with cooling tower maintenance and what are the solutions are available? As previously mentioned, cooling tower environments can present significant issues regarding maintenance and repair; therefore, continual inspection can ease many of these problems.

However, these are four of the key problem areas relating to cooling tower maintenance:. The internal environment of cooling towers can be particularly destructive; therefore, to negate these effects, galvanized metal is used as a sacrificial barrier in areas of high exposure. Despite galvanizing these large areas of sheet steel it is common to find perforations and holes, in addition to severe metal wastage on units once in service.

This can be explained by the chemical components, used within the water treatment system, accelerating the consumption of the galvanized metal. This can lead to premature corrosion. Not only can this cause unreliable operation, but it can threaten the safety and efficiency of the entire cooling process. This problem can affect several areas within cooling towers, none more so than the joints and seams. Failure of the original protection system around joints and seams can leave diffuser trays, holding pans and the overall framework exposed, leading to dangerous and costly leaks.

The leading edges of fan blades are frequently damaged by impingement from moisture and dust particles, causing erosion-corrosion. The damage identified here can eventually cause efficiency-loss and in some instances of high deterioration, require complete replacement. Poor maintenance, such as lack of bearing lubrication, as well as loose pulleys and fan hubs can result in scored and worn fan shafts.

Any mechanical damage like this can impact on the functionality of the fans themselves, developing into additional mechanical strain and wear. Pipe systems, which connect cooling towers to other HVAC components, are also prone to issues. A combination of external and internal corrosion can develop into thin-and through-wall defects, significantly impacting on the functionality of the entire system.

In addition, due to movement between pipes and the cooling tower, poor connections can develop, in some cases causing leaks. Finally, poorly specified paint systems for cooling tower protection will undoubtedly lead to failures in warm, humid and immersed environments.

In order to avoid replacement of cooling tower components, polymeric materials represent long-term repair and protection solutions.

Fundamentally, the chemistry of polymer composition allows these systems to be produced with a broad range of properties which help to combat the majority of aforementioned problems. Damaged metalwork, such as diffuser trays and holding pans, can be restored easily due to the cold-application of these composite materials. In particular, this adds no unnecessary stress to the metal framework from hot work, whilst ensuring a quick and safe application procedure.

This extends to plate bonding onto wet or contaminated surfacesideal for leak sealing applications. Avoiding future metal loss and leaks due to internal corrosion of cooling tower components is vital.The first and hopefully the last tower tech death in occurred on Feb. Local authorities said that they could not provide information regarding the incident, but Wireless Estimator has learned that the worker, whose name is expected to be released tomorrow, lived in Harlan County.

He was employed by Wolverine Wireless, Inc. Wolverine, founded three years ago, was contacted for additional information, but a representative who would not disclose his name informed Wireless Estimator that any information regarding the fatality should be directed to Premier Site Services of Columbus, Mississippi.

Pumphrey said that an onsite Wolverine supervisor had contacted him following the fatality, but provided limited information.

The fully-installed sector frame did not strike the tower when it fell, landing approximately feet from the base section. The tower tech was on the structure near the top when he was crushed by the pole. A co-worker brought him down, and he was air flighted to a hospital with serious injuries where he was pronounced dead. It will also be identified if Wolverine had on site a qualified person or competent rigger. The rural tower, owned by Uniti Towers, was erected in December by another contractor under the direction of Metrosite.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See also: List of aircraft structural failuresList of bridge failuresList of dam failuresand List of catastrophic collapses of radio masts and towers.

Main article: Structural failure. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: No differentiation between each type of structural failure, extremely hard to navigate. Transportation failures should be placed in their relevant accident lists. Please help improve this article if you can.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. It has been suggested that portions of this article be split out into articles titled List of bridge failuresDam failureList of catastrophic collapses of radio masts and towers and List of aircraft structural failures. Discuss February This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

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The New York Times.

tower failures

Archived from the original on 1 August Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 27 August Times of India. Retrieved 29 September Archived from the original on 13 October Retrieved 13 October BBC News. Retrieved 22 November Retrieved 20 February Star Tribune.

Retrieved 12 May By the end of his brilliant and tortured life, the Serbian physicist, engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla was penniless and living in a small New York City hotel room. He spent days in a park surrounded by the creatures that mattered most to him—pigeons—and his sleepless nights working over mathematical equations and scientific problems in his head. That habit would confound scientists and scholars for decades after he died, in His inventions were designed and perfected in his imagination.

I was a sorry witness of such doing that a little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety percent of his labor.

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He managed to convince J. Nikola Tesla was born in modern-day Croatia in ; his father, Milutin, was a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church. From an early age, he demonstrated the obsessiveness that would puzzle and amuse those around him. He could memorize entire books and store logarithmic tables in his brain. He picked up languages easily, and he could work through days and nights on only a few hours sleep. At the age of 19, he was studying electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute at Graz in Austria, where he quickly established himself as a star student.

He found himself in an ongoing debate with a professor over perceived design flaws in the direct-current DC motors that were being demonstrated in class. When I undertook the task it was not with a resolve such as men often make. With me it was a sacred vow, a question of life and death. I knew that I would perish if I failed. Now I felt that the battle was won. Back in the deep recesses of the brain was the solution, but I could not yet give it outward expression.

The thoughts obsessed him, and he was unable to focus on his schoolwork. But rather than finish his studies, Tesla became a gambling addict, lost all his tuition money, dropped out of school and suffered a nervous breakdown. It would not be his last. InTesla moved to Budapest, after recovering from his breakdown, and he was walking through a park with a friend, reciting poetry, when a vision came to him.

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